Needle in a Haystack

Brooklyn Bridges was at the top of her game in Radio Promotions and decided to make the career move to Radio Sales. Not only is her career change taking her to the city of Atlanta, her best friend also lives there and Brooklyn is excited about the new road life is taking her until...

Giovanni Lay is one of the hottest R&B singing superstars. He met Brooklyn previously and is happy to find she has moved to Atlanta where he also resides. He knew this would be an easy conquest and knew he'd have fun in the process until...

Brooklyn has no plans for a sing-his-butt-off-fine-as-he-wants-to-be brown eyed celebrity piece of eye candy! Positive he has a long line of women Brook has no intention of being one of them. After all, she considers herself to be a needle in a haystack and nobody's groupie!

From the radio station to the Oscars, Brook and Gio travel through fun times and happiness, tears and heartbreak and the mean spirited paparazzi! Can they withstand the road blocks life throws at them? As Brook faces a breakdown, she realizes she'll need her family to help her through one of the most difficult times in her life.

Women By Nature, Ladies By Choice

Brooklyn Bridges
You remember Brooklyn from Needle in a Haystack? Well she's back and just as fly as ever. And she's wearing a new hat... Entrepreneur. Will her past interfere with her future?

London Bridges
She has received wonderful news, but for some reason her husband doesn't think so. Can they get through it together as a married unit or will drastic steps have to be taken?

Brieonna Reynolds
Her new career path is taking her to Atlanta and she's excited and ready to meet the world head on. But can she conquer it all, through it all?

Kenitra Reynolds
Kenitra is ready to do what she was born to do... sing! But even if her cousin's clout can start her off, does she really have what it takes to get to the next level?

Be prepared to laugh out loud, cry and call your friends to ask, "Did you read that?!" It's the page turner that will have you holding your breath. We can all celebrate through our joy, but can we celebrate through our test?

Ladies By Choice

What Don't Kill Ya...

The ladies are back and its ten years later.

Brooklyn Bridges
Has found her purpose in life and life is good. But, the past keeps popping up in a dangerous way.

London Bridges
The meek and naive London has finally found her voice. But is she really as strong as she thinks she is?

Brieonna Reynolds
Is finally what she never thought she'd be, a successful entrepreneur going down a new avenue to expand the business. But, there's just one little glitch.

Kenitra Reynolds
She has it all... fame, adoring fans and hit after hit. But she's still not happy and on the path of self-destruction.

In Needle in a Haystack, you met these ladies and loved them. In Women By Nature, Ladies By Choice, you followed their stories and rooted for them. And now is the ultimate test because What Don't Kill Ya... makes you stronger!

What Don't Kill Ya

About the Author

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Marissa Wilson has an extensive background in Radio promotions and sales. An avid reader herself, she knew this would be a fun subject to write about.

Marissa Wilson is a married mother of four who enjoys spending time going on family outings, relaxing on the beach or visiting the mountains of Tennessee. Splitting her time between Florida, Kentucky and New Orleans, traveling is what she loves doing most.

"My love for reading guided me down this path. When faced with the question of what my dream profession was, my answer was, to write a novel. The second question was, "what would it be about?" My answer was, "definitely something I really know a lot about". The world of radio has been my career for the last 12 years. Because I know the ins and outs and the ups and downs about the subject, I chose this as a basis for my first novel."

Marissa Wilson just finished her sophomore novel, Women By Nature, Ladies By Choice, a sequel to her first novel, Needle in a Haystack.

"I'm currently working on the end of this trilogy. I never expected to make a sequel for Needle in a Haystack, but everyone kept asking for it... so I did what the public wanted. Afterwards, I'll move on to other subjects, but will always keep my books light and fun."

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